Scott McIntyre Colourist Reel 2017


Compilation of colourist work from 2015 and 2016 through Toronto Colour Grading Post Facility Smak Colour:

‘Stone’ Web Series – Josh Winker
“Wake me up when it’s Over” Jazz Cartier – MadRuk Entertrainment
Return to Ryan’s Well – InSync Media
Masters of Flip Season 2 – Gordron Drake/Rhino Content
The Demolisher – Latefox Pictures
Pride – Andre Rehal
“Cheek Biter” Conversation – Jake Chirico
“Suplex” A Tribe Called Red – MadRuk Entertainment
“First Out Here” Noisey – Vice Canada
NDP for Toronto – Andrew Cash NDP
GEAR – N5 Pictures
Pathways and Palates “Tofino” – Munchies
Change Your Life With Bacon – AIRCASTLE
‘User Profiled’ UBISOFT – VICE
On the frontline’s of Ukraine’s Proxy War – VICE
Canadian Icon Project – Don Dixon