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PRIDE (2015)

Andre Rehal

Ex-fighter Elijah Davis, now a hardworking mixed martial arts instructor, is forced to fight illegally in order to save his school after his equity partner and previous trainer, Gregory Wise, takes out a loan against the school to feed his gambling addiction.

Written & Directed By: Andre Rehal
Produced By: Andre Rehal, Michael Brazeau, Friedel Aristyl,
Drew Zeran, Adam Klymkiw
Cinematography by: Michael Brazeau
Editing by: Eric White, Drew Stevenson, Andrew Carpenter
Location Sound by: Jacob Budziak, James Rowan
Sound Design: Josh Vamos, Niall Collins
Music Composition: Math Rosen
Digital Colourist & VFX: Scott McIntyre
Make Up: Lianne Capra
Fight Choreography: Friedel Aristyl
Elijah – Friedel Aristyl
Gregory – Drew Zeran
Alex – Tobias Scott
Isaiah – Adam Klymkiw
Poker Dealer – Andrew Hunter
MMA Students
– Jay Singh
– Adrian Castle – Dave Stanford – Matt Pitre
– John Bergin
– Desmond Morse Bank Worker – Natasha Master
Opponent – Thomas Arrand
Fight Crowd
– Bruce Nightingale – Michael Smith
– Trish Roberts
– Lance Hunt
– Rannile Lucie
– Waide Beech
– Shawn Ostergard
– Shane Bawn
– Reshan Martin
– Roshan Abraham
– Ronell Case-Nestor – Eric White
Thug 1 – Desmond Morse
Thug 2 – Keith Jones
Secret Suburbia – “Silver Rain”
Special Thanks
Emmet Ray Bar